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Okay so the title might be a little click bait, but please continue to read as we explain why we’re no longer offering social media services. We will continue to post on our own accounts to keep you aware of upcoming projects, events and updates.

As of January 2024 GLBAL media will no longer be offering social media services to our clients. We believe social media can play an important role in society, for businesses and for reaching a new audience. However,  we’ve found that the most effective strategies are handled internally. In order to reach a frequency of posting that is necessary to grow online it requires active participation from the brand. Without direct access to day to day activities there are very few clients we can serve remotely.

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This decision was not made lightly, over the past 10 years we’ve had the opportunity to manage accounts with over a million followers and be a part of campaigns that reached over 100,000 viewers. Our experience in this area is ultimately what lead us to wanting to provide our clients with the best options when it comes to social media content.

Although we’ll no longer be offering posting services, scheduling or day to day management we are excited to introduce 3 new content creation plans. These plans were created with small businesses in mind to provide a variety of photos and videos for you use throughout the year. Starting at annual plans all the way to monthly options we look forward to partnering with you for your next project. Contact us today to learn more about these options.

In addition, we will continue to facilitate social media ads as we have found these can still prove to be effective when accompanied by good media, copywriting and targeting.

If you’re actively looking for someone to manage your social media for you were happy to connect you with some dear friends who still work in this space.

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