Justin Willet in Kenya


In January of 2023 after a 3 year hiatus, as a result of COVID-19, we returned to international travel with our friends from ChildFund. We’ve worked with ChildFund for many years providing photography, videography and print design. “ChildFund is a global community of people who care about children and take action to help them live at their fullest potential at every stage of their lives.” (Source)

This was also our first trip with our new cinema camera, the Canon C70. Read our review about how the camera performed here.

Our Role

Our founder Justin Willet was assigned to this trip as a photographer / videographer and was tasked with the following:

  • Document photographs of individual children and families
  • Film the multiple aspects of ChildFund’s programs and the impact they have in the community
  • Return to an area that previously practiced FGM (Female genital mutilation)
  • Document the ongoing drought and the challenges it presents
  • Provide testimonials from previous sponsored children
  • Film Jeremy (ChildFund spokesperson) returning to the community he visited in 2018.


After spending 10 days in the communities we are forever changed by the people of Kenya. They were very welcoming and despite the many challenges they face were quick to offer a smile. Following this trip we were so impacted by the stories we heard that we later produced the “Searching For Lanterns” documentary as a long form video to share more details about the incredible people of Kenya.


While people were the primary focus of this trip we did enjoy the beautiful animals Kenya has to offer as well.

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