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Today GLBAL media is excited to announce the launch of THIS GIRL, a nonprofit campaign for WorldServe International. WorldServe International is a nonprofit organization working to provide clean water, sanitation, education, and economic opportunities.

About a year ago they reached out to us to develop the brand identity for a new initiative. After reviewing the program that they planned on implementing in some African communities we recognized that the heart of the program was empowerment for young women who don’t have a voice. This direction on focusing on the girls’ dignity led us to name this new initiative THIS GIRL.

From the beginning, WorldServe International and GLBAL media set out to create a brand that would allow everyone to participate in helping girls thrive.

This is not a topic that should be exclusive to women/girls. We thought that this brand should be represented in a way that everyone feels comfortable sharing the content, championing the cause, and being involved in providing dignity, health, and education for girls.

WorldServe has long recognized that women and girls are disproportionately affected by water scarcity.

When water is present, great things can happen, especially in the area of education for girls. When girls are finally able to attend school, WorldServe International wants to do everything possible to keep them going! A challenge with which many girls struggle is the ability to attend school during their menstrual cycle. Inadequate restroom facilities, a lack of hygiene products, and rampant taboos mean that girls in developing countries miss nearly a full week of school every month. As absences add up, girls may fall so far behind that they don’t return.
The lack of water in many school settings limits the effectiveness of washable sanitary products and other solutions (such as tampons and cups). Further, the economic and environmental challenges inherent in traditional “manufactured” products could result in new difficulties. Ultimately an award-winning compostable pad production system created by Aakar Innovations was discovered as the perfect solution. With compassion and grace, the girls learn what menstruation is, its role in the lives of healthy women and girls, and benefit from a dialogue where their great potential and self-worth are affirmed.



THIS GIRL dignity, health, & education

If this story resonates with you and you would like to join THIS GIRL, here’s how you can get involved:

Text the words “this girl” to 844-928-4123 to join for $12/month

$12 a month provides a girl with dignity, health, and education. WorldServe International distributes 100% compostable sanitary pads (made locally by women employed at a fair wage!), along with a comprehensive menstrual health curriculum, and undergarments. Without this basic dignity, a girl can miss up to 4 days of school each month!

Our role in the THIS GIRL brand, campaign, and website.

WorldServe approached GLBAL media in the summer of 2020 about creating a new program for menstrual hygiene. The intent was to create a program that everyone could have a conversation about because it is not just an issue that affects women.

We spent the next month developing the name and brand for it, then developed a marketing strategy. We created the branding, designed the logos and packaging, edited the video, designed the webpage, created the marketing and overall message, and are continuing to develop new marketing materials for THIS GIRL under the WorldServe International organization.

THIS GIRL logo and brand colors defined


THIS GIRL custom packaging designs for welcome kits


This Girl welcome kit

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