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Today we are excited to reveal the new brand and website for Third Culture Thriving!

The Founder, Karli VonHerbulis, is located in Kigali, Rwanda. Karli & Justin Willet have worked together on different creative projects dating back to as early as 2011. Working together on her vision for the brand identity and website for Third Culture Thriving was extra special because of the long history of friendship and collaborative creative efforts.

This project was also very unique since she is located on the other side of the world in a completely opposite time zone. Many times Justin would send off content to be reviewed at the end of his workday and return the following day to Karli’s response because their days and nights are opposite. It added a unique working element since GLBAL media typically works with brands within the continental US.

Third Culture Thriving Story

We loved working to create the brand and website for Third Culture Thriving because of the purpose behind it. Third Culture Thriving is a place to find the resources and encouragement needed to cultivate home in the spaces between nations. Karli took her experiences, both good and hard, as a woman, wife, and mother moving overseas for mission work and turned them into solutions for other families on similar journies.

She shares the story of her experience of the inculturation process, trauma, and self-doubt, which motivated the creation of the resources and community that Third Culture Thriving offers to other missionary individuals and families. Karli says,

“I wanted to create a space where women wouldn’t feel alone, or like everything was out of their control. Where they could come for encouragement and camaraderie, and for practice resources to help them as they journey to create a home in a new place. Where struggling women could be seen, nourished, equipped, and supported in their journeys to thriving, whatever that means in their context. Where they could find hope.”

Through Third Culture Thriving, Karli truly has created a place to find the resources and community you need to thrive right where Christ has called you.

The Process

The first step in the process was to create the Third Culture Thriving brand identity. Karli created a mood board on Pinterest where we pulled inspiration for colors and designs.

We then moved into the logo design phase. Karli wanted to incorporate some floral elements, maps, and script fonts. We ended up not only designing the primary logo but additional brand assets as well that were implemented throughout the website.

With the brand identity, logos, and design elements ready then it came time to begin working on the website. Karli had previously built her own website using Squarespace and was looking for a more professional design that could incorporate her branding across all elements.

Third Culture Thriving website screenshot

We incorporated some of her custom design elements as buttons on her site to direct visitors to her pages with various resources.

Third Culture Thriving website screenshot

Watch this video for a quick overview of the Third Culture Thriving website.


The e-commerce aspect needed to include both free and premium downloads that she could control the number of download attempts and length until the link expired.

Third Culture Thriving website screenshot e-commerce


Another important aspect of the web design process is mobile design. We always design websites so that the mobile experience is cohesive with the desktop experience and optimized for the mobile user experience.

Third Culture Thriving mobile website screenshot

Check out the full website and brand identity at


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