As a company we believe in the power of storytelling and how it inspires others to take action. Each month we have the honor of producing the videos of Hey Westminster‘s grant recipients and sharing the story behind their company. In January we were introduced to Katie Kirby the Executive director of Together We Own It and the first grant recipient from Hey Westminster.

Katie has been working hard for years to build an amazing nonprofit based out of Westminster, MD that serves the youth in Carroll County. Together We Own It serves over 700 children across the state of Maryland; primarily in Carroll and Wicomico County. They strive to foster a sense of connection between youth and their community by connecting people and resources, mentoring, providing educational enrichment, and recreational empowerment.

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Their recognition by Hey Westminster and the video we produced for them gained the attention of a local individual who wanted to learn more.

Read Director, Katie Kirby’s story:

Good morning! I just wanted to share the ripple effect that we’ve had after being the first Hey Westminster recipient. Someone saw the video that GLBAL media put together about us after we received the award. This person followed up and met with us, intrigued by how we got started and how far we’ve come, and ended up making a $10,000 individual donation. As a small but thriving organization, those dollars go so far here and we are excited to be able to continue to expand our work in Westminster. The impact your contribution has made in allowing us to provide 2 stipend positions for high school students to work with our team and lead youth programming has been incredible. I can’t thank you guys enough for what you are doing and the support you’ve given us as an organization! It means the world to us.
Katie Kirby

While we can’t guarantee that every video we produce will result in a $10,000 gift, we do believe that your story will help inspire others and allow people to learn more about your company. To learn more about GLBAL media’s video production, graphic design, & brand identity’s services visit

Check out Together We Own It’s Hey Westminster video:

GLBAL media is honored to partner with Hey, Westminster to share the story of grant recipients each month! Once a month we meet with the grant recipient to share their story on video. Hey, Westminster is a local group that gives $1,000 grants every month to invest in innovative and creative ideas and solutions in the Westminster, Maryland community. 

Learn more about Hey, Westminster! and apply for one of their monthly grants here:


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