Lauren Daigle Kaleidoscope Tour 2023

After traveling to Guatemala in June with Lauren Daigle and ChildFund, we were tasked with designing custom booths for the arena concourses, merch for the tour reps and the primary video for the ChildFund presentation. ChildFund had been challenged by the tour to create visuals that were fully integrated with the overall feel and experience of the rest of the tour. After reviewing footage and having an initial planning meeting in Nashville with the team, we quickly got to work on concepts that blended ChildFund’s message of child sponsorship with the bright colors from Lauren Daigle’s new self-titled album. We centered the message under a phrase Lauren said to her sponsored child “You are more than your story and what’s happened to you.” This message helped create a theme that can now be seen across all elements of the night.

Tour Rep Merchandise

tour t-shirt design

The tour staff were presented with cobranded shirts, hats and hoodies to wear at all of the events. We reached out to our friends at Six Stitch to handle the printing and they turned out amazing! The large overprint t-shirts are some of our favorite designs ever.

Event Booth Design

One of the unique challenges of designing booths for a tour is that everything needs to be portable and durable to withstand 6+ months of travel. We designed a 3 banner display with a custom TV road case so the width of the booth could vary depending on how much space was available on the concourse. We also created a video loop with footage from Guatemala to be displayed at each location.

Appeal Video

Each night Jeremy shares from stage about ChildFund and his trip to Guatemala with Lauren. We edited a 10 minute video that fills a floor to ceiling screen behind the stage. The content is revealed through paint brush strokes and water color droplets. The final video includes content spanning 4 countries and 16 years of footage.

We hope you can come see all of this in person. Tour dates are available at