Nonprofit Video Trip Overview

In April 2023 we returned to Guatemala for our 3rd time as part of a scouting trip with ChildFund. We spent a week visiting and interviewing families and identifying key locations to return to in June.

In June we returned with Lauren Daigle and a media team to document her visiting with sponsored children and film content for her upcoming tour.

Our Role

Our founder Justin Willet was assigned to this trip as a photographer / videographer and was tasked with the following:

  • Document photographs of individual children and families
  • Film the multiple aspects of ChildFund’s programs and the impact they have in the community
  • Identify key stories to focus on during a return trip
  • Collect b-roll footage to supplement the final project
  • Provide testimonials from previous sponsored children
  • Document Lauren interacting with children
  • Capture drone footage of the communities


Guatemala is a beautiful country with so much to offer. We hope our visit will result in several thousand children being sponsored. Keep an eye out on the upcoming Kaleidoscope Tour for footage collected during this trip.



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