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GLBAL media is a live streaming production company located in Westminster, Maryland. Starting in 2020, everyone began live streaming, but it is something that we’ve been doing for the past few years. With the influx of more companies, churches, and events looking to live streaming in order to stay connected with people and offer virtual options, live streaming quality is becoming more and more crucial.

We help organizations to live stream to multiple platforms, like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, at the same time with a cohesive experience across all of them.

We designed and built out a live streaming system for Deep Run Church. We live streamed their first and they’ve been running it themselves ever since. They wanted to be able to stream to YouTube & Facebook simultaneously and we were able to set them up to do that.

We did the initial research to determine the best live streaming platform for their needs. This helped us determine the best live steaming software for them. We evaluated livestreaming software such as streamyard, OBS, and Vmix.

We ordered the equipment, configured hardware and software, and trained their staff to set up and run the equipment and live steam. Some of the equipment in their custom portable live stream kit were a laptop with the correct software, audio interface, cameras, cables, chargers, and tripods. Deep Run Church needed it to be portable because they set up and take down weekly. It all packs up easily into the cases shown in the graphic.

custom portable live stream kit

This is the first live stream by Deep Run Church utilizing our live streaming kit we created for them.


Below is an example of the presentation of a live streamed church service that we produced.

livestreaming to multiple platforms

We also worked with ChildFund and Lauren Daigle for a live stream fundraising event that was broadcasted to multiple platforms simultaneously.

livestreaming to multiple platforms

The video below is the Women in Sports Panel for the US open squash tournament in Philadelphia. We provided photos and videos for the event for several years prior to the live steam shown below. We provided live streaming for this panel because they had a limited number of seats available in person. This live stream made the panel interview accessible to many more viewers.

SDA pro tour is the Squash doubles association. The events are held at private clubs and aren’t open to the public. In order to make squash more accessible to the public they began to live stream the events. We built out all of the equipment for it to suit their needs, similar to the project for Deep Run Church that we shared above.

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