Artists and attractions vehicle wrap graphic design

Artists and Attractions hired us for a large graphic design project ranging from a vehicle wrap, to stage mockups, to posters and brochures for a variety of shows that they manage. Artists and Attractions is the representative for several shows within the fair and events industry. We created the following designs for upcoming trade shows and acts that they represent.

We designed a vehicle wrap for the semitrailer for Otter Adventure, which is an interactive water show with otters. We also designed the 3d model layout for the stage that will be created for the show.

graphic design artists and attractions trailer wrap

graphic design artists and attractions otter adventures

graphic design artists and attractions poster

Dangerous feats of comedy is a show that features extreme stunts and tricks combined with family-friendly comedy. We designed a brochure to highlight some of their most loved acts and communicate the experience of this particular show.

graphic design artists and attractions poster

We created two different size designs for Pompeyo’s Dog Show. A 33×81 retractable banner and an 8×10 pop-up banner. We also created a stage mockup for the Space Adventure show.

graphic design artists and attractions poster

We provide a variety of graphic design services for nonprofits, churches, and the entertainment industry.

Our design services include but aren’t limited to logo design, brand guides, graphic design, market research, design books, merchandise, flyers, brochures, etc. Learn more about our graphic design services.

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