The Power of Storytelling on the Persevere Podcast

GLBAL media Persevere Podcast
Justin Willet was recently interviewed for the Persevere Podcast where they discussed everything from playing in a rock band to founding a full service media company, being prepared for the unexpected and believing in yourself, and creating boundaries with honesty and transparency.
Listen using one of the links below.
Iann Ivy is host to heart-led creative journeys of grit and breakthroughs to inspire YOU to persevere in your passions.
Quote from the Persevere Podcast

2022 Video Trends

Maryland video production company

Video content is a continually increasing demand for the online and social media space. This is because:

“Viewers retain 95% of a message presented to them in the video as compared to 10% when reading text.” – Impact Plus

As this knowledge is becoming more widespread we are beginning to see the trickle-down effect take place. More and more nonprofits and companies are beginning to consistently implement video on their websites and in social media content. Ultimately, video content serves your visitors better because you’re making your content easily accessible and memorable.

Check out the 2022 video trends to watch for and incorporate into your nonprofit or company’s content.


4k and even 8k video have become the new standard in video production.

Even though most viewers aren’t watching on devices capable of these resolutions people have been taught to ask for it when requesting video shoots.

As the use of video increases across all platforms creative lighting will play a bigger role in helping your videos stand out. RBG lighting will allow users to create unique-looking interviews and have full control over the scene they are shooting.

Interactive / VR video hasn’t fully caught on but as the technology continues to improve and become more widespread we can expect to see more and more VR videos.

2022 Video trends for nonprofits and entertainment undustry

Drone Video.

Drone videography has become standard in most video productions however the quality of these shots and most importantly using them creatively will help set your production apart.


Aerial drone videography pilot

Live Streaming.

Live streaming is here to stay however with its increased popularity the cost for these services will start to decrease as it becomes easier for clients to produce the content on their own.

Check out a blog we created dedicated to live streaming.

livestream to facebook instagram youtube

Video formats.

Stories will always drive good videos. Even as short-form videos become the norm across social media the content of the video is crucial to its success.

Moving into 2022 and beyond videos will need to be delivered in multiple formats for use in vertical stories, square formats, and standard 16×9.

2022 video trends video formats

GLBAL media is a Maryland video production agency that specializes in filming nonprofitentertainment, and church videos. Our team of videographers has a combined experience of over 40 years in video production and marketing. As a Story First Creative Agency, we believe every good video should start with a story. Our Westminster, MD videographers are available for worldwide travel. Whether we’re shooting in Africa, in a conference room, or out on tour with a band, we have an experienced team of videographers, storytellers, and animators to make your production a reality.

Learn more about our video production services.

2022 Graphic Design Trends

2022 Graphic design trends GLBAL media

2022 graphic design trends will be marked by bold colors, fonts, and designs that appeal to younger consumers. Keep these new trends in mind and determine how they may fit within your nonprofit’s or company’s designs.

Bright Color Gradients.

Bright color gradients will be used in modern designs to attract younger audiences and are typically associated with tech products. Be on the lookout for the unique ways bold color gradients will make their way into marketing materials and social media in 2022.

2022 Graphic design trends bright color gradients

Tie-Dye Backgrounds.

The use of multi-color or tie-dye backgrounds has returned for a fun younger feel to designs. 2022 graphic design is all about color and lots of it.

2022 Graphic design trends tie-dye backgrounds

Bold Wavy Fonts.

Closely related to the vintage feel of tie-dye, bold wavy fonts are increasing in popularity replacing the once-standard sans-serif fonts like Helvetica and Gotham. These bold and wavy fonts are eye-catching and have an organic and fun feel.

2022 Graphic design trends bold wavy fonts

Pantone’s 2022 Color of the Year Very Peri.

The 2022 Pantone Color of the Year is Very Peri. A look at Pantone’s 2022 colors of the year includes the use of muted purples, orange and blue. You can check out Pantone’s fashion color trend report for more. In the blue family, with violet-red undertones, Very Peri will emerge as a color trend in the graphic design space in 2022.

2022 Graphic Design Trends

Are you a fan of the 2022 graphic design trends we shared?

Let us know in the comments which 2022 graphic design trends you like the most.

Learn more about our graphic design and other creative services for nonprofits, entertainment companies, and churches.

GLBAL media 2021 year in review

GLBAL media 2021 year in review graphic
We are taking the opportunity to reflect on all the work that we have had the privilege to do over the course of 2021 through this GLBAL media year in review blog. The stats and projects listed below are the numbers that reflect what matters most to us, which are the nonprofits, businesses, ministries, and individuals we have had the honor of working with and helping.
Enjoy an overview of some of our projects and behind-the-scenes photos from this past year.
GLBAL media team

34 Blogs published 

This year we did our best to keep you updated on current projects and provide helpful tips and suggestions for your business.

117 Google keywords ranked

We work with companies to improve their SEO ratings by conducting search engine optimization and audits for their websites. We help their websites rank higher in Google by identifying keywords and phrases that potential clients will search be searching for.

GLBAL media 2021 year in review graphic

7 Websites built

This year we built websites for our friends at Third Culture Thriving, Hear It Clear, Soni Sunshine, and more. 2021 brought a renewed approach to our website design process which allowed us to build some of the best websites we’ve ever designed.
GLBAL media office
GLBAL media office

Over 5,000 photos taken

Most of the photos we took this year were either for Hey Westminster Grant Recipients or for concerts. With our new office location and now having access to an indoor studio at Together Studios, we look forward to expanding our studio sessions in the coming year.

GLBAL media photographer

36 Videos produced

We’ve completed video projects for all of the Hey Westminster grant recipients, Affordable Basement Solutions by JFJ & Sons, Finding Hope Counseling, multiple projects for Exponential, ChildFund, Faith Church Glen Burnie, and we announced the addition of drone video services. We are fortunate that you trust us to help tell your story.
TryVent Hey Westminster Maryland GLBAL media
video production maryland
Rudolph Girls Books Hey Westminster Grant
Fiddlers Green Farm Hey Westminster GLBAL media behind the scenes

51 travel dates

We jumped back into touring this year with ChildFund and lead the team for Winter Jam (Crowder and We the Kingdom) and the Lauren Daigle World Tour. In addition to these tours we were also a part of Light the Way Festival and travelled for various video shoots.

26 flights

This year saw the return of live events and we were happy to help support them. Traveling on numerous tours, video shoots, and client meetings we flew over 26 times.

29 states visited

Although this was the first year in over 5 years that did not include an international trip we still managed to cover most of the country visiting 29 states for photos, videos, and tour dates.
WinterJam We The Kingdom
It has been a great year! Thank you to each of our clients for trusting us to build your websites, capture and tell your stories, and serve you creatively. We are looking forward to all the projects that we will be working on in 2022. We hope you enjoyed a behind-the-scenes GLBAL media year in review.

Logo design for Affordable Basement Solutions by JFJ and Sons

affordable basement solutions by JFJ & sons logo by GLBAL media

We were happy to work on another project with JFJ and Sons. We have worked with the Felkners for over 5 years. Originally developing the JFJ and Sons website & now this new logo design and brand within their company. This time we created a new brand that is a subdivision within the JFJ and Sons company: Affordable Basement Solutions by JFJ and Sons. Since at times it will operate as a standalone brand it needed its own logo and branding.

We designed the branding, logo design, photography, and video for this new company.

For every branding client we create an accompanying brand guide. A brand guide is a helpful tool for individuals or whole teams to maintain a consistent brand presence. It visually showcases how to use your logos and what your brand fonts and colors are. For larger projects or campaigns we include key directions in wording and copy to use on the website, social media, and when talking about the campaign.

Brand Guide for Affordable Basement Solutions by JFJ & Sons

We photographed a recent basement renovation so that they would have photo content for this new brand that they can utilize on their website, social media, and on printed materials.

Affordable basement solutions JFJ & Sons

Affordable basement solutions JFJ & Sons

Affordable basement solutions JFJ & Sons

Affordable basement solutions JFJ & Sons

Check out the video that we filmed and produced in Maryland for Affordable Basement Solutions by JfJ and Sons.

As a part of this larger project, we also designed this custom proposal folder for JFJ and Sons.

The inside pages feature a letter from the owner, high-quality printed images of their work, testimonials from happy customers, and a list of the services that they provide. The folder pockets allow for them to insert custom proposals and information for their customers.

Affordable basement solutions JFJ and Sons custom proposal folder design Affordable basement solutions JFJ and Sons custom proposal folder design

To learn more about our logo design, branding, photography, video, or graphic design services go to

Graphic design for Artists and Attractions

Artists and attractions vehicle wrap graphic design

Artists and Attractions hired us for a large graphic design project ranging from a vehicle wrap, to stage mockups, to posters and brochures for a variety of shows that they manage. Artists and Attractions is the representative for several shows within the fair and events industry. We created the following designs for upcoming trade shows and acts that they represent.

We designed a vehicle wrap for the semitrailer for Otter Adventure, which is an interactive water show with otters. We also designed the 3d model layout for the stage that will be created for the show.

graphic design artists and attractions trailer wrap

graphic design artists and attractions otter adventures

graphic design artists and attractions poster

Dangerous feats of comedy is a show that features extreme stunts and tricks combined with family-friendly comedy. We designed a brochure to highlight some of their most loved acts and communicate the experience of this particular show.

graphic design artists and attractions poster

We created two different size designs for Pompeyo’s Dog Show. A 33×81 retractable banner and an 8×10 pop-up banner. We also created a stage mockup for the Space Adventure show.

graphic design artists and attractions poster

We provide a variety of graphic design services for nonprofits, churches, and the entertainment industry.

Our design services include but aren’t limited to logo design, brand guides, graphic design, market research, design books, merchandise, flyers, brochures, etc. Learn more about our graphic design services.

THIS GIRL – WorldServe International

THIS GIRL picture

Today GLBAL media is excited to announce the launch of THIS GIRL, a nonprofit campaign for WorldServe International. WorldServe International is a nonprofit organization working to provide clean water, sanitation, education, and economic opportunities.

About a year ago they reached out to us to develop the brand identity for a new initiative. After reviewing the program that they planned on implementing in some African communities we recognized that the heart of the program was empowerment for young women who don’t have a voice. This direction on focusing on the girls’ dignity led us to name this new initiative THIS GIRL.

From the beginning, WorldServe International and GLBAL media set out to create a brand that would allow everyone to participate in helping girls thrive.

This is not a topic that should be exclusive to women/girls. We thought that this brand should be represented in a way that everyone feels comfortable sharing the content, championing the cause, and being involved in providing dignity, health, and education for girls.

WorldServe has long recognized that women and girls are disproportionately affected by water scarcity.

When water is present, great things can happen, especially in the area of education for girls. When girls are finally able to attend school, WorldServe International wants to do everything possible to keep them going! A challenge with which many girls struggle is the ability to attend school during their menstrual cycle. Inadequate restroom facilities, a lack of hygiene products, and rampant taboos mean that girls in developing countries miss nearly a full week of school every month. As absences add up, girls may fall so far behind that they don’t return.
The lack of water in many school settings limits the effectiveness of washable sanitary products and other solutions (such as tampons and cups). Further, the economic and environmental challenges inherent in traditional “manufactured” products could result in new difficulties. Ultimately an award-winning compostable pad production system created by Aakar Innovations was discovered as the perfect solution. With compassion and grace, the girls learn what menstruation is, its role in the lives of healthy women and girls, and benefit from a dialogue where their great potential and self-worth are affirmed.



THIS GIRL dignity, health, & education

If this story resonates with you and you would like to join THIS GIRL, here’s how you can get involved:

Text the words “this girl” to 844-928-4123 to join for $12/month

$12 a month provides a girl with dignity, health, and education. WorldServe International distributes 100% compostable sanitary pads (made locally by women employed at a fair wage!), along with a comprehensive menstrual health curriculum, and undergarments. Without this basic dignity, a girl can miss up to 4 days of school each month!

Our role in the THIS GIRL brand, campaign, and website.

WorldServe approached GLBAL media in the summer of 2020 about creating a new program for menstrual hygiene. The intent was to create a program that everyone could have a conversation about because it is not just an issue that affects women.

We spent the next month developing the name and brand for it, then developed a marketing strategy. We created the branding, designed the logos and packaging, edited the video, designed the webpage, created the marketing and overall message, and are continuing to develop new marketing materials for THIS GIRL under the WorldServe International organization.

THIS GIRL logo and brand colors defined


THIS GIRL custom packaging designs for welcome kits


This Girl welcome kit

Learn more about our story-first approach to brand identity, graphic design, and campaign development services for nonprofits.

How to choose the best web designer for you

GLBAL media team

If you are feeling overwhelmed with choosing the best web designer, this blog will help you make a confident choice that is best for you. Here are a few things to consider before you reach out to a web designer.


What size of company do you want to work with?

Larger companies have departments that are dedicated to each area. They have sales teams, designers, and developers. At times this can be helpful however when it comes to web design we’ve found that having a dedicated contact person makes the process much smoother. Our company has a small team of web designers dedicated to delivering you with the best possible results. You will have a consistent contact person. There’s no middle man in communication during the whole process. You’ll be speaking to someone who understands the website design and development language and can help if there are any areas you have questions. It allows us to customize your process to the needs that you have.

How many pages are you looking for?

In order to receive an accurate quote, you will need to know how many pages your website will have. These typically include Home, About Us, Services, Contact, etc.

How often do you plan to update your website?

Do you want to be able to update your website yourself or is that a service you’d like to be included with the website company that you choose to work with? Some people are very tech-savvy and like the idea of updating themselves. However, the majority of our clients prefer to be able to send us any updates that they require so that they can focus on the amazing work they’re doing.

Soni Sunshine GLBAL media testimonial

What design style do you like?

Who you consider to be the best web designer might be different than someone else because of the aesthetic you like. It can be helpful to browse some websites for inspiration. Make note of what elements or features stand out to you and why. We suggest browsing within your industry and a little outside of your industry for inspiration.

What is your goal turnaround time?

Every company has its own unique turnaround schedule depending on its capacity and its process. You’ll want to find a company that can meet your goal turnaround time. At GLBAL media we typically have a 30-day turnaround time from start to finish.

What industries do they work in?

The majority of the time it is smart to work with a company that has experience designing and building websites for the industry that you are in. Staying within the same industry is helpful to be aware of industry-specific needs and trends, as well as what works and doesn’t work when it comes to websites for your industry.

Browsing websites GLBAL media

What is your budget?

This is very important as there are companies that range the spectrum for investment.

What platform will your site be built on?

WordPress, Squarespace, and Wix are popular site platforms that we utilize to build our clients’ websites. If you’d like you can do some research into each of these options to decide what is best for you. If you’re unsure or have no preference, feel free to reach out to us, we’d be happy to help guide you in the best choice for you.

Do you have a preference for outsourced or in-house coding?

Outsourcing coding is a common practice among website companies. Whenever possible we prefer to keep the entire process in-house to ensure consistency and the highest possible quality.

Website testimonial Karli VonHerbulis

Do you need a blog or e-commerce site?

If you know you need one or both of these things be sure to work with a company that is familiar with building out these components.

Do you have your domain name or need hosting?

Check with the company you’re inquiring with whether they provide these services for their clients or if you’re required to already have that in place prior to working with them. If you do not already have a domain name or host service we can do those things for you as a part of our 10 step website design process (link to page).

Does the company’s geographical location matter to you?

Are you desiring to work with a company fully virtual or are you desiring some in-person interaction? Take this aspect of your desired experience into consideration when deciding on a company to work with. While we work with clients from all over the world our offices are located in Westminster, MD and we’d love to host you for a discovery meeting.

maryland graphic

Do you need a website designer, website developer, or all-in-one?

A website developer specializes in how a website functions and the user experience (UX). They’re focused on functionality, custom forms, custom online store elements, and user interaction. A web developer is really great at making a site work well, but may not make a site that looks great.

A website designer specializes in the user interface (UI). They’re focused on how a website looks, feels, and the aesthetic. A web designer is really great at making beautiful websites, but may not make a site that functions great for the UX.

Ideally, you want a company that can do both for you. Your site should both look and function great for your users.

UX UI graphic GLBAL media

What happens after your website is built?

Some companies hand over a website and don’t provide any ongoing services unless you come back and contract with them again for changes or updates. At GLBAL media we provide ongoing maintenance for all of our websites which includes: SSL certificates, hosting, security updates, weekly backups, text/image/video updates, as well as phone and email support.

Next step: inquire.

Once you have these decisions made, your next step is to contact a company that best fits your desired experience. It would be wise to inquire with more than one company so that you can compare their offerings and investment levels.

Download our free Checklist Guide to prepare for your website. Click here.

Website checklist guide free download GLBAL media


Watch to learn about our website design process.

Learn more at

Third Culture Thriving

Third Culture Thriving website screenshot

Today we are excited to reveal the new brand and website for Third Culture Thriving!

The Founder, Karli VonHerbulis, is located in Kigali, Rwanda. Karli & Justin Willet have worked together on different creative projects dating back to as early as 2011. Working together on her vision for the brand identity and website for Third Culture Thriving was extra special because of the long history of friendship and collaborative creative efforts.

This project was also very unique since she is located on the other side of the world in a completely opposite time zone. Many times Justin would send off content to be reviewed at the end of his workday and return the following day to Karli’s response because their days and nights are opposite. It added a unique working element since GLBAL media typically works with brands within the continental US.

Third Culture Thriving Story

We loved working to create the brand and website for Third Culture Thriving because of the purpose behind it. Third Culture Thriving is a place to find the resources and encouragement needed to cultivate home in the spaces between nations. Karli took her experiences, both good and hard, as a woman, wife, and mother moving overseas for mission work and turned them into solutions for other families on similar journies.

She shares the story of her experience of the inculturation process, trauma, and self-doubt, which motivated the creation of the resources and community that Third Culture Thriving offers to other missionary individuals and families. Karli says,

“I wanted to create a space where women wouldn’t feel alone, or like everything was out of their control. Where they could come for encouragement and camaraderie, and for practice resources to help them as they journey to create a home in a new place. Where struggling women could be seen, nourished, equipped, and supported in their journeys to thriving, whatever that means in their context. Where they could find hope.”

Through Third Culture Thriving, Karli truly has created a place to find the resources and community you need to thrive right where Christ has called you.

The Process

The first step in the process was to create the Third Culture Thriving brand identity. Karli created a mood board on Pinterest where we pulled inspiration for colors and designs.

We then moved into the logo design phase. Karli wanted to incorporate some floral elements, maps, and script fonts. We ended up not only designing the primary logo but additional brand assets as well that were implemented throughout the website.

With the brand identity, logos, and design elements ready then it came time to begin working on the website. Karli had previously built her own website using Squarespace and was looking for a more professional design that could incorporate her branding across all elements.

Third Culture Thriving website screenshot

We incorporated some of her custom design elements as buttons on her site to direct visitors to her pages with various resources.

Third Culture Thriving website screenshot

Watch this video for a quick overview of the Third Culture Thriving website.


The e-commerce aspect needed to include both free and premium downloads that she could control the number of download attempts and length until the link expired.

Third Culture Thriving website screenshot e-commerce


Another important aspect of the web design process is mobile design. We always design websites so that the mobile experience is cohesive with the desktop experience and optimized for the mobile user experience.

Third Culture Thriving mobile website screenshot

Check out the full website and brand identity at


Learn more about our brand identity, logo creation, and website design services.

2021 Compass of Design Trends for Non-Profits & Entertainment Companies


As we close 2020, we wanted to take a look ahead to 2021 design trends. Remote working is now in place for nearly every company and industry. This further opens the opportunity for businesses to use outside marketing agencies for their creative services in 2021, but not all agencies are the same. Staying aware and informed of the constant changing design trends, website standards, social media formats, and brand awareness is a must, and we have your 2021 Compass of Design Trends for Non-Profits & Entertainment Companies ready for your review. 



2021 Website TrendsAs we saw in 2020, Mobile-first designs will continue to take precedence. In 2019, 52.2% of traffic came from mobile phones, and continues to increase every year. In May, Google announced that Website load times will take a new precedent for google rankings. Page signals will be included in Google Search ranking and will measure how users perceive the experience of interacting with a web page.


?Emoji’s will continue to contribute to the mobile user experience as tech and mobile phone companies assign a symbol to nearly everything. Simple icons will continue to replace text and offer animation customization.

Live Streaming


As all industries try to adjust to COVID-19, Live streaming will continue to be a part of daily/weekly strategies for businesses, entertainers, musicians and churches. Quality audio, video, lighting, and the streaming platforms that content-producers choose to broadcast from will start to determine how audiences engage with virtual events.


SMS marketing will become more widely used. Over the past couple of years your phone number has often been used to create user accounts, loyalty programs, and more. It’s only a matter of time until those databases are accessed for direct marketing via text messages. in 2018, SMS open rates were as high as 98%! Compared to email marketing at an open rate of only 20%, SMS marketing blows email out of the water.


The use of geometric shapes and patterns will dominate bright upbeat designs, minimalist designs will continue to rise, moving away from photo heavy elements, and textures will replace gradients. “The benefit of this trend is that it allows foreground elements such as bold typography or evocative imagery to pop against a near indiscernible background.” –


Over the past year we’ve watched as racial tension has risen in the US. As a result companies have taken a proactive approach on inclusion. (Diversity marketing is a marketing strategy that appeals to and includes diverse groups of consumers, including groups based on race or ethnicity, ability, gender, sexual identity, religious beliefs, age and more.) Look for a demand of further diversity in advertising materials.

Apple’s proposed policy changes announced at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) will impact your personalized ads on Facebook. Facebook Business responded saying, “The changes plan to limit your ability to effectively reach, understand and engage people on mobile devices and across the web. They will impact your ability to understand performance, control who sees your ads and make informed decisions about your advertising budgets. As these changes take effect, over time you may see an overall decrease in ad performance and personalization and an increase in cost per action.”


With travel bans limiting access to project areas, nonprofits will need to get creative in sharing new content from the areas they work in. Heavier digital presence (such as Facebook Fundraisers) due to lack of in-person events will become more vital than ever before.  We will see a shift to outdoor fundraisers (golf tournaments will likely replace dinners, festivals will replace arenas, etc.) due to the ongoing pandemic. Streamlined donation processes will become necessary components of a fundraising campaign because the average consumer has now donated online through a platform like Gofundme or Facebook fundraisers, and has become used to an on-page / one click experience. 
2021 Fundraising for nonprofits
Nonprofits should use 2021 to focus on donor retention since new acquisition will be down. It will be more important than ever to retain current donors, engage them with updates, and potentially even upsell them with additional giving opportunities. This is also a great time to focus on reengaging past donors. Falloff happens even during a “normal” fiscal year, and thankfully, many nonprofits have reported that donor retention has remained steady through the pandemic, but as the unemployment rate rises and the vaccine distribution slowly rolls out, donors may have to make difficult choices with their budgets, and normally, charitable giving is one of the first items to go. With new donor acquisition opportunities not available, nonprofits will need to focus on reengaging past donors who haven’t recently made a contribution. Finally, due to a heavier push for online donations, financial transparency will be at the forefront of donors minds to make sure that who they donate to is a legitimate organization, so err on the side of trustworthiness, updates, engagement, and accountability. 

GLBAL media expands to Nashville

Westminster, MD
December 7th, 2020
For Immediate Release
GLBAL media, based out of Westminster, MD plans to expand its services to Nashville, TN with the hiring of veteran non-profit strategist, Bobby Lingo as Strategic Marketing Manager.

Bobby joins an already ultra-experienced team of graphic designers, photographers, videographers, and non-profit experts lead by Creative Director and Owner, Justin Willet. GLBAL media is a creative agency serving non-profit organizations and the entertainment industry. Clients include international charities, Grammy-award winning artists, and White House officials.

 Bobby Lingo is a communicator, brand/campaign developer and strategic visionary. During his almost ten years at Compassion International, Bobby was instrumental in developing or advancing many campaigns such as One Meal One Day, Water For Life, Live58, Create Compassion and Bite Back. Today, Bobby uses his communication skills as a tour speaker for Thriving Charities Advocates (TCA), where he has represented organizations such as Children International, World Vision, and ChildFund. Bobby also serves as GLBAL media’s Strategic Marketing Manager, building brands, creating campaigns, and helping non-profits, churches, and para-church ministries expand their impact and influence.

How to start your own business

how to start your own business
Learning how to start your own business can seem like an overwhelming task. In many ways coming up with the idea will be the easiest part then there’s the legal aspects, the accounting, the design, the launch, the day to day and the risk factors. You may be looking for a way to make some extra money on the side or maybe you’re tired of the 9-5 and are ready to leave the corporate desk and seek something new and exciting. I’ve been starting businesses since I was 16 and whatever your reason for starting a business, I believe the 7 Steps below are crucial in helping your dream become a reality.


Step 1: Your business idea
The first step in starting a successful business is coming up with an idea for something that hasn’t been done before or a service that will help make peoples lives better. You should also focus on narrowing your messaging and making sure that you can accurately describe what you will offer to others.
how to start your own business
Step 2: File proper legal paperwork
I don’t pretend to be an expert when it comes to filing incorporation paperwork or setting up your business accounts, however these are necessary steps and in most cases should be left up to a professional to make sure it is done right. (More on this later)
Things to consider: 
  • Do I need a trademark for my company name, slogan or idea?
  • What type of business will best suit my needs long term?
  • What state should I file my company in?


Step 3: Be social

Now that you’ve started the process to create a legal business you should pursue securing the proper domain(s) and social media accounts for your company.


social media


Step 4: Creating your brand

When you’re learning how to start your own business you will need to find a designer who is capable of creating a powerful logo and imaging that will accurately represent your company and help set you apart from your competition. Again, this an area best left to a professional. Working with the right graphic designer will ensure your logo is formatted properly, helps you stand out, will stand the test of time, and is easily recognizable.


I recommend hiring an all in one digital marketing agency who is willing to work with you on several projects instead of outsourcing every single project to someone different. By working with a single designer you are more likely to create a consistent style and accurately create your brand. Services you should consider are:
  • Having a logo designed
  • Creating a website
  • Creating business cards, brochures and company apparel (as applicable)


Step 5: Owning your systems

Now that you have the initial idea for your business and have started to create content it’s important to understand your systems. You may be thinking “what systems?” This will vary depending on what your company is but you will most likely need a platform to accept payments, invoice others and keep track of client data. Having the backbone in place prior to going public will help make sure you have a successful launch. Gaining leads for your business is only valuable if you have a strategy to turn inquires into clients.
Step 6: Create your strategy
While you prepare for your launch you should consider creating a social media strategy or hiring a company to manage your newly created social media accounts. Knowing when and how to advertise will be critical in getting your business in front of the right clients.

How to start your own business

Step 7: Launch
After all of your hard work to learn how to start your own business it’s time to finally go live and share it with the world. I believe that by following the steps above you will be well prepared to launch.
launch your own business

Fundraising Ideas for Non-Profits

justin willet, humanitarian photographer

Fundraising is no easy task for non-profits.

A lot of times the majority of a non-profit’s operating budget comes from some form of fundraising. Whether you’re a missionary who needs to raise your individual support, a 5 star rated organization on charity navigator or a brand new organization; you all have one common goal: raise funds to better provide for your cause. Below I outline what I believe to be the Top 3 tips for successful fundraising for non-profits:

1. Visual components

Studies conducted by Psychologist Jerome Bruner show that people only remember 10% of what they hear, 20% of what they read and around 80% of people remember what they see or do.

People need to see what you feel so strongly about. I believe that a good 30 second promo video can be more powerful than a 2 hour speech about your non-profit. One of my favorite quotes is from Dale Partridge who often says “People don’t refer ugly.” You must provide visual content to help equip people to accurately share about your cause.

How are you catering to the visual learner with your fundraising? Are you sending newsletters with professional pictures and informative infographics or are you sending a 10 page document hoping that someone will take the time to read and retain everything you’re trying to share?

2. Personal Connection

The personal connection is what drives the point home for your audience. It’s one thing to talk about why your cause is worthy of donations it’s another to put a face with a name and share how or why you got involved. Building off of point number one, photos and videos are an excellent way to share your personal connection.

People will connect with your vision if they can see it in action.

REMEMBER: 65% of the population – need to see what they are learning – William C. Bradford

3. Why

There is no shortage of crowdfunding campaigns on the internet which means that people are being asked frequently to donate money. This makes your “why” more important than ever before. You should be able to easily explain how the funds or materials that you collect will be used and distributed.  A couple questions to help with this process are:

  1. What is it that makes your organization, goal or passion different then work that’s already being done?
  2. How do you plan to use the money that you collect?
  3. What is your focus area? Local, domestic or international?

Childfund Display


Now that that you understand the importance of photography, video and design, it’s time to start implementing them into your fundraising. Do you have an upcoming trip or event planned that you could capitalize on by hiring a photographer or videographer to capture your vision? Contact me today.