BC Boost is a brand new product created by Dr. Janette Nesheiwat. This dietary supplement was specially formulated to boost immune support by combining Vitamin B and Vitamin C as well as D3 and Zinc.
B+C Boost Website Design

Our roles in the BC Boost branding, logo, product and website project.

We started by creating the logo and brand guidelines for this new company. For the logo, we incorporated key colors that evoke healthy living emotions. After designing the logo we created the vitamin bottle design while following FDA standards. We provided our client with initial mockups to see how this would actually look before going to print. We incorporated elements of oranges (strong component of Vitamin C), Dr. Janette’s photo (for credibility) as well as helpful information about the purpose of this product.


After completing the bottle design we started on developing the new e-commerce website. This website needed to provide credibility to the brand as well as offer subscriptions and easy checkout from desktop and mobile devices.


View the new website and BC Boost logo at www.bcboost.com.


BC Boost BC Boost bottle design
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  1. Very interested in your product.

  2. I have tried to go to http://www.bcboost.com and it tells me “this website is currently unavailable”. I saw the doctor on Fox Weekend Sunday and thought I would try this product.

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