AYO Boutique

Owned by Durell Paige, AYO Boutique is an urban clothing brand and store that also hosts a variety of other entrepreneurs’ products. Originating in Baltimore City, AYO Boutique recently expanded to Westminster, Maryland. Durell and his team are passionate about creating solutions that serve the needs of the Westminster community.

AYO Boutique was awarded the Hey Westminster grant for February 2021.

Check out the video we filmed for Hey Westminster! February 2021 grant recipient, AYO Boutique. 


Behind the scenes from our AYO Boutique video shoot in Westminster, MD.

AYO Boutique AYO Boutique

GLBAL media is honored to partner with Hey, Westminster to share the story of grant recipients each month! Once a month we meet with the grant recipient to share their story on video. Hey, Westminster is a local group that gives $1,000 grants every month to invest in innovative and creative ideas and solutions in the Westminster, Maryland community. 

Learn more about Hey, Westminster! and apply for one of their monthly grants here: https://heywestminster.com/

Learn more about GLBAL media’s graphic design & brand identity’s services: https://glbalmedia.com/services/

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