2023 year in review

International Trips

2023 was an exciting year at GLBAL media and we are so thankful for every person, company and nonprofit that trusted us with their creative needs. This year we saw the return of international trips and were able to travel to 4 different countries for the first time since January of 2020. Working alongside our partners at ChildFund we shared stories of hope and change as well as the struggles of drought, famine and exploitation.

New Team Members

Grace Carr
2023 also saw the addition of Grace Carr as a full time photographer/designer for our team. Quickly jumping on the Lauren Daigle fall tour with Justin where we saw over 10,000 children sponsored – many of which we spent time with in Kenya and Guatemala. As a team we visited 39 states and were on the road for over 200 days this year clocking in 85 flights.


Short Form Documentaries

Back to the field documentary
Over a year ago we made a commitment as a company to focus on longer form videos and start producing documentaries. I’m excited to share that in 2023 we were a part of not 1 but 3 different documentaries. We hope you can join us on January 2nd for a special premiere of “Back to the Field.”


Video Production


We are so thankful for the huge increase in video related projects. Growing from 95 video projects in 2022 to 243 in 2023! We’ve invested heavily in upgrading equipment to cinema quality cameras and lighting and refining our filming and editing workflow to insure a smooth process for our clients. We have renewed our commitment to Hey Westminster and for the 4th year will continue sharing the stories of local recipients who are making Westminster awesome!


GLBAL good


This leads to my favorite thing we do every year, the GLBAL good. Each year as a company we designate a percentage of our profit to fund various projects/causes that we believe align with our vision to bring the world together, and share those success stories with you. This year we expanded on this concept and added a documentary and reception to help champion the work being done in Rwanda. 


Live Streaming


For the 8th year we were able to provide live streaming for the SDA and CSA squash tournaments and look forward to branching out to new racquet sports in 2024.


Website Design


Kite Technology Group Website Design
This year end review would not be complete with out acknowledging the 11 different websites we built. Some of which are our favorite designs to date. You can learn more about our website design process here.

Looking ahead to 2024

GLBAL media ribbon cutting ceremony

New office / studio location 

We have several exciting updates for 2024! For over 2 years we’ve been looking for the right location to call home. We’ve met with real estate developers, contractors and landlords in search of a space that could serve as both a studio and office. We were committed to staying in Westminster but this was no easy task. In order to meet our checklist we needed natural light, open space and high ceilings. It’s been a rollercoaster as we’ve signed leases, had developers back out of deals, moved into locations only to find out it wasn’t properly permitted, etc.

We’re excited to share that on February 15th we’ll be having a ribbon cutting ceremony and giving tours of the new office and studio space located in the heart of downtown Westminster. The best part? We want this to be a location that serves the community and other creatives. If you’re a local photographer / videographer let’s connect soon.

In addition, this location will also feature a custom built photo/video studio to allow for professional studio portraits and in house video creation. Located in downtown Westminster this space will become a local hub for creative projects. We look forward to sharing more updates soon but for now just know that this will be a huge addition to the local community. We have several ideas and new initiatives to help improve the creative community in our hometown.


Why we’re quitting social media

As 2023 comes to a close we have also made the decision to discontinue social media management services. This decision was not something we take lightly and have already made the necessary transitions for our existing clients. We believe social media can be a powerful tool for businesses but have found best practices when conducted internally. Feel free to read a more lengthy review about this decision here: “Why we’re quitting social media“.


In conclusion 

GLBAL media truly lived up to its name in 2023, with projects spanning several continents. This small company from Westminster has truly grown into an agency capable of sharing stories from around the world and being a part of thousands of lives changed. We hope you will partner with us in 2024 for your next project.

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