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Video content is a continually increasing demand for the online and social media space. This is because:

“Viewers retain 95% of a message presented to them in the video as compared to 10% when reading text.” – Impact Plus

As this knowledge is becoming more widespread we are beginning to see the trickle-down effect take place. More and more nonprofits and companies are beginning to consistently implement video on their websites and in social media content. Ultimately, video content serves your visitors better because you’re making your content easily accessible and memorable.

Check out the 2022 video trends to watch for and incorporate into your nonprofit or company’s content.


4k and even 8k video have become the new standard in video production.

Even though most viewers aren’t watching on devices capable of these resolutions people have been taught to ask for it when requesting video shoots.

As the use of video increases across all platforms creative lighting will play a bigger role in helping your videos stand out. RBG lighting will allow users to create unique-looking interviews and have full control over the scene they are shooting.

Interactive / VR video hasn’t fully caught on but as the technology continues to improve and become more widespread we can expect to see more and more VR videos.

2022 Video trends for nonprofits and entertainment undustry

Drone Video.

Drone videography has become standard in most video productions however the quality of these shots and most importantly using them creatively will help set your production apart.


Aerial drone videography pilot

Live Streaming.

Live streaming is here to stay however with its increased popularity the cost for these services will start to decrease as it becomes easier for clients to produce the content on their own.

Check out a blog we created dedicated to live streaming.

livestream to facebook instagram youtube

Video formats.

Stories will always drive good videos. Even as short-form videos become the norm across social media the content of the video is crucial to its success.

Moving into 2022 and beyond videos will need to be delivered in multiple formats for use in vertical stories, square formats, and standard 16×9.

2022 video trends video formats

GLBAL media is a Maryland video production agency that specializes in filming nonprofitentertainment, and church videos. Our team of videographers has a combined experience of over 40 years in video production and marketing. As a Story First Creative Agency, we believe every good video should start with a story. Our Westminster, MD videographers are available for worldwide travel. Whether we’re shooting in Africa, in a conference room, or out on tour with a band, we have an experienced team of videographers, storytellers, and animators to make your production a reality.

Learn more about our video production services.

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