LightsOut - 2022 GLBAL good recipient
The GLBAL good
Each year as a company (GLBAL media) we designate a percentage of our profits to fund various projects/causes that we believe align with our vision to bring the world together. Established in 2020, our first GLBAL good recipient was a clean water well with ChildFund followed by a donation to Soni Sunshine in 2021 to provide resources for cancer patients. This year we’re excited to share that LightsOut has been chosen as our 2022 recipient.

This year’s recipient is LightsOut, a nonprofit that provides emotional, physical and spiritual support for musicians, speakers, crew and other touring professionals.

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About LightsOut
LightsOut provides emotional, physical and spiritual support for musicians, speakers, crew and other touring professionals. They focus on caring for these people off the stage so that they can be their best on stage. Having toured for over 15 years we know the struggles of life on the road, the challenge of being away from family and the toll having to be in the spotlight can take. LightsOut exists to help make all of that a little more manageable.


Dave Decker & Justin Willet


How we met LightsOut
Long before it was even an established nonprofit, Dave has been caring for people in the entertainment industry. About 15 years ago when Justin was touring in a 15 passenger band with his brothers in Willet they drove 23 hours from Maryland to Sioux Falls, SD to play at a festival. After their set they were planning to sleep in their van before making the drive back home. Dave was stage managing at the festival and caught wind of this situation. He immediately offered his personal RV for the band to sleep in so that they wouldn’t have to stay in their van. That night started a friendship that would later evolve to include multiple tours together, discussions about mental/spiritual/emotional health, the needs of artists and the struggles of being on the road.
Dave is one of those people that you can call at anytime. He’s literally dropped everything to drive states away to help. I can’t count how many cups of coffee we’ve enjoyed together over the years and am excited to see his ministry continue to grow. Learn more about LightsOut and continue supporting their mission as well:

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